what is otto pint?

We have converted an old gas station into something really special and unique to Colorado. otto PINT is Brian Tessari and team's latest addition to the Domenic’s and Vincent family of restaurants. 


otto PINT is for everybody! Whether you are a pizza lover, a craft beer enthusiast, part of the business lunch crowd or a fun-loving family from the neighborhood, come as you are and stay as long as you’d like.  



where is it?

We have an amazing location just south of Harmony on Lemay. You should drive by and check it out! Our address is 1100 Oakridge Drive, Fort Collins. 



Great pizzas, craft beers, and specialty drinks inspired by local spirits from regional distilleries. 


I love it! Now what?

Spread the word! Text, tweet, and tell all your friends! Like us on Facebook and check back here often for the latest news, updates, photos, and videos. 

When did it open?

otto PINT's grand opening was Friday, March 11, 2016. Be sure to check this site and our Facebook page regularly for the latest updates.

What's on tap?

We’ll have over 40 beers to choose from, with 20 rotating taps influenced by the local terroir (that’s soil and climate to you and me) of our world-class beer community.